BA Establishment in TempWorks (MentorMate)


BA Establishment in TempWorks
Throughout 2021 we worked with our client TempWorks (TW) – a premier provider of staffing software solutions and payroll services staffing and recruiting companies nationwide. We led TW in the process of establishing and growing their onsite BA team, provided the framework for fast integration of new BA competencies, and scale the Agile ways of working across the company. Additionally, we helped implement innovative practices such as BA validation, introduced company-level product prioritization techniques, and helped improve team communication and collaboration

MentorMate's team:

  • Ivelina Toshkova - Business Analyst;
  • Ivelina Kavalova - Senior Business Analyst;
  • Ivo Nikolov - Business Analyst;
  • Georgi Dyankov - Senior Business Analyst.