Beyond Textbook Business Analysis - live event

The Business Analyst as an Influencer Within your Company

Business analysts have many tools and techniques that let them succeed in their roles while working on projects. But aren’t those tools and techniques transferable? The short answer is that, yes, they can be used in a wide variety of situations. This presentation explores how you can use different tools to influence change within your company as well as how to use those tools responsibly. A case study will highlight practical ways and tactics that you can use to influence positive change.

Building a Second Brain: Knowledge Management in Business Analysis

The focal point of the presentation is how to manage knowledge effectively by applying Tiago Forte’s novel method of Building a Second Brain. Apart from covering the theoretical aspects of the method, the presentation will also talk about managing and organizing divergent sources of information with ease, designing a digital repository to store that information, as well as capturing details using AI and machine learning tools.


Note: This event will be held onsite and is free of charge. Registration is mandatory. The presentation will be in English.



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Professor Tsvetan Lazarov 67, Mentormate Sofia
David Tomov - Strock and Georgi Naydenov